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March 4, 2024 by
Official media release
Motor Preferences Experts, David Genest
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Aigle (Switzerland) / Annapolis (USA) November 2, 2022



Clasp your hands with your fingers and hands crossed. Notice that some of you place your right thumb on top while others spontaneously place the left thumb on top. Reversing the thumb is possible, but restrictive and unpleasant.

One movement does not fit all!For more than 20 years, the Volodalen laboratory (Switzerland) has placed the personalization of movement at the heart of performance and care.

Each athlete has their own way of performing without injury. This is what we call their motor preferences.

A motor preference is a movement that the athlete performs spontaneously, without thinking, that gives a good result, with minimal effort.


Promising concepts such as Terrestrial- Aerial ® or the Dial of Movement ®, have been invented and validated by the Volodalen Laboratory.

In 20 years, thousands of athletes have been prepared according to the motor preference approach. Grand slam winners (tennis), Olympic champions (kayaking, tennis), World Champions (Trail Running, Windsurfing, Mountain Biking, BMX, Fencing, Water skiing), professional athletes in golf, football, ice hockey, baseball, triathlons, MotoCross, but also artists such as dancers have been prepared & trained in respect of their motor preferences.

Each year, 1,500 sports professionals (S & C, athletic trainers) or health professionals (physiotherapists, osteopaths, doctors, podiatrists) are trained in motor preferences by the Volodalen laboratory.

About 30 scientific publications validate the Volodalen approach through Motor Preferences. Each concept used with athletes is scientifically tested by the Volodalen Laboratory.


Motor Preferences Experts, LLC is an American company founded by Matthew Swope, baseball coach and David Genest,  motor preferences expert & primitive reflexes specialist.

Motor Preferences Experts, LLC and Volodalen have joined forces in an exclusive partnership designed to bring the motor preferences approach to the North America market.

From athlete monitoring to training for sports, Motor Preferences Experts, LLC powered by Volodalen' offers a wide range of solutions for the personalization of movement for performance.

More performance, Less injuries

Guided by natural movement and science

Official media release
Motor Preferences Experts, David Genest March 4, 2024
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