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Matt Swope

Chief Exective Officer

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  • University Of Maryland Head Baseball Coach
  • 18 years of coaching, recruiting, operational and playing experience at the professional and NCAA Division I level - Maryland Terrapins Head Coach
  • Mentored 10 All-Americans, 31 players that have been drafted by Major League Baseball, 38 All-Conference Selections (ACC & B1G), 6 Freshman All-Americans and 5 Major Leaguers since 2013
  • 2023 B1G Champions & B1G Tournament Champions
    2022 B1G Champions, 2022 NCAA College Park Regional host (first in school history), school record for wins (48), NCAA Regional final appearance, highest regular season ranking ever (8th USA Today coaches poll), highest RPI finish ever (9th), school record 15 straight conference winning series
  • 2021, 2022, 2023 NCAA Regional final appearance
  • 2017 NCAA Regional appearance
  • 2015 UCLA Regional Champions, Super Regional appearance, B1G Championship game appearance
  • 2014 USC Regional Champions, Super Regional win and appearance, ACC Championship game appearance
  • Nominated as Man of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 2010
  • University of Maryland Baseball team captain, 2002
  • Received the Bosey Berger award at the University of Maryland for most outstanding senior on the baseball team, 2002
  • Set 7 All-Time offensive records for the University of Maryland baseball team, 1999-2002
  • Drafted by the Montreal Expos of Major League Baseball, 2002

- Volodalen Pro Sports Level 1
- Motor Preferences Experts Baseball Level 1

David Genest

Director of Performance

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  • 2022-23 Motor Preferences coach - University of Maryland Baseball - USA
  • 2022 Motor Preferences consultant - Scott Emerson - Pitching Coach - Oakland Athletics - USA
  • 2020 Technical Consultant - Saint Anthony Baseball Academy - Canada
  • 2018 Manager - Winter program for Central Ontario Reds - Canada
  • 2016 Manager - Bugey Sud Cowboys - France
  • 2013 Baseball instructor - Bergy Baseball Center - Canada
  • 2013 Manager - Pearson H.S. baseball concentration - Canada
  • 2012 Assistant coach - New York Yankees VIP days - USA
  • 2012 Assistant coach - Derek Aucoin Tour - Canada
  • 2003 Manager - Savoy Climbers - France
  • 1999 Head Coach - ASUL Diamonds - France
  • 3 years Associated scout - Atlanta Braves - France
  • Organization of 6 MLBI camps & assistant coach - France
  • 7 years Member of American Baseball Coach Association
  • 1993 Assistant Coach - Pomona College - USA
  • 1992 Head Coach - the Black-Bat Baseball Club - France
- Baseball - Softball Professional Coach Certification (PCC) delivered by French Sports Ministry
  • Functional anatomy (skeleton, joints, muscles)
  • The nervous system (structure and mechanisms)
  • Hormonal control of muscle activity (functions and roles)
  • Muscle function (contractions, muscle fibers, adaptations, muscle energy)
  • Cardiopulmonary system (respiration, circulation)
  • Metabolism and sports activities (training requirements and objectives)
  • Evaluation of capacities (physical, physiological)
  • Training (basics, planning, factors of sports performance)
  • Doping and the fight against doping
  • Motivational regulation of behaviors (mechanisms, consequences, management)
  • Learning theory (psychological aspects of learning)
  • Attitudes (understanding, acting)
  • Psychological skills (stress, mental rehearsal, concentration)
  • Sports practices and personality characteristics
  • Stages of development (psychomotor, emotional, intellectual, social)
  • Physical activities with age (youth, adolescents, adults, elderly) Sports teaching (modes, communication)
  • Learning data
  • Construction of sessions or learning cycles (programming)
  • Practical pedagogy (learning transfer into action, adaptation)

- Volodalen Pro Sports Expert
- Volodalen Primitive Reflexes Specialist
- Motor Preferences Experts Trainer

Aurélien Van Stichelen

Director of Golf

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  • 2024 - MPE Director of Golf 
  • 2019/2024 - Head of Golf Programs at Hartland Movement Center, Wisconsin
  • 2018 - Founded Golf Body Preferences, first Golf coaching program specialized in Motor Preferences in the USA.
  • 2013/2018  - Personal Trainer for YOU LEAD, LLC, Washington DC area. Trained and worked with Fabien Lefevre, French Canoe/Kayak Olympic Champion (Beijing and London). He has been trained in Motor Preferences and won in 2014 the first world championship gold medal for USA in 12 years at Deep Creek, MD.
  • 2012 - Personal Trainer for Hilton, Washington DC and Veluxe, DC area. 

- National Academy of Sports and Medicine

  • Fundamentals of Human Movement Science (nervous, skeletal, muscular, endocrine system)
  • The cardiorespiratory system (structure and function of the cardiovascular system)
  • Metabolism and Bioenergetics (aerobic and anaerobic system)
  • Human Movement Science (Functional multiplanar biomechanics)
  • Chronic health conditions and physical or functional Limitations
  • Flexibility training concept (effects of muscle imbalances on the kinetic chain)
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness training (physiologic system response and adaptation to cardiorespiratory training)
  • Core training (stabilization system and movement system)
  • Balance training (role in performance and injury risk)
  • Plyometric training (reactive training in integrated performance paradigm)
  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness training  
  • Resistance training concept (Stability, muscular endurance, muscular hypertrophy, strength and power)
  • Integrated program design and the optimum performance training (OPT) model (planned fitness training - periodization)
  • Nutrition and supplementation (basic nutritional recommendations for optimizing health)
  • Lifestyle modification and behavioral coaching (stage of changes model)

- Gray Institute - Functional Golf system Specialist

  • Understanding of the biomechanics of the human body in the golf swing sequence
  • Transformational zone analysis (Backswing, Follow through, Full follow through)
  • Movement specialization in golf-specific training (250 golf-specific movements to prevent injuries and improve performance)
  • 12 distinct training tailored to address the diverse requirements of golfers at every skill level, spanning from novices to seasoned professionals

- TPI Expert

  • Body swing connection (evaluating how golfer's physical capabilities match their swing mechanics)
  • The Kinematic sequence (understanding of how the body efficiently generates power during the golf swing)
  • Physical screen (identify limitations in the body that may affect the player’s golf swing)
  • The big 15 swing characteristics (identify how specific swing characteristics are directly connected to physical characteristics)

- ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist
- NASM Fitness Golf Specialist
- Volodalen Golf Expert
- Volodalen Pro Sports Level 1

Nick Robinson

Manager of Operations

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  • 2024 - University of Maryland Baseball Director of Player Development
  • 2023 - University of Maryland Baseball Pitching Operations
  • 2023 B1G Champions
  • 2022, M.S Marketing Analytics - University of Maryland
  • 2022 B1G Champions, 2022 NCAA College Park Regional host (first in school history), school record for wins (48), NCAA Regional final appearance, highest regular season ranking ever (8th USA Today coaches poll), highest RPI finish ever (9th), school record 15 straight conference winning series
  • 2022, 2023 NCAA Regional final appearance
  • University of Maryland Baseball, 2022
  • 2021, B.S Public Relations - University of Rhode Island
  • 2021, B.S Communication Studies - University of Rhode Island
  • University of Rhode Island Baseball, 2017-2021
  • University of Rhode Island Team Captain, 2019 - 2021
  • 2018, 2019 NECBL All-Star
  • 2017 HCBL All-Star

- Volodalen Pro Sports Level 1
- Motor Preferences Experts Baseball Level 1