What's your motor preferences profile?

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What's your motor preferences profile?
Motor Preferences Experts, Aurélien Van Stichelen
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Enhancing your understanding of the three-dimensional swing motion and aligning it with your motor preferences profile is crucial for establishing a robust foundation in optimizing your golfer's movement efficiency.

👉 In the sagittal plane (C), we delve into movements occurring forward and backward or up and down. By discerning your terrestrial and aerial profiles, we identify the optimal natural balance point. We then tailor your posture to harmonize with this balance, leveraging your proprioceptive sensations and considering your individual morphology. The goal is to attain a backswing, downswing, and impact sequence that harmonizes seamlessly with your innate motor skills, resulting in a well-balanced and efficient motion.

👉 Within the frontal plane (B), we scrutinize sideways movement, defining our lateralization. Our focus lies on finding your pivot leg, which can be right or left, which elucidates which side possesses greater extension (rebound) or flexion (thrust) resources. This assessment aids in optimizing your weight transfer and lateral body stability throughout the swing.

👉 Lastly, in the transverse plane (A), emphasis is placed on rotational movement, encompassing the rotation of hips, torso, and shoulders. By analyzing whether your rotation is dissociated or associated, we gain insights into your sequencing and power generation dynamics, particularly regarding hip and shoulder separation, which differ among golfers. Yes, X-factor is a myth… 

By meticulously examining these three planes of motion, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your natural movement tendencies, enabling us to tailor our instruction to your unique motor preferences. Equipped with this knowledge, we can confidently embark on a personalized journey of exploration and refinement in golf instruction. 

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What's your motor preferences profile?
Motor Preferences Experts, Aurélien Van Stichelen May 14, 2024
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