What are my golfer's natural preferences?

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What are my golfer's natural preferences?
Motor Preferences Experts, Aurélien Van Stichelen
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Our perception often leads us to believe there's a singular rational approach to everything, judging based on our own experiences and sensations. We are assuming it's universally applicable.

However, this overlooks the fact that each of us has a unique way of perceiving and interacting with the world, including our bodily sensations and movements. We, unfortunately, tend to adhere to conventional beliefs that shape our thoughts, choices, and behaviors.

Consider the world of golf instruction and videos on YouTube: a single question can elicit many different responses, each touted as the definitive "perfect way" to approach the game. However, these responses typically reflect personal beliefs rather than acknowledging the diverse mechanics and preferences of individual players.

Rather than adhering to a singular model, consider posing fundamental questions to your athletes.

What are their natural preferences?
➡ Do they favor a backward or forward center of gravity?
➡ Are they inclined towards flexion and push, or do they thrive with extension and rebound?
➡ Do they exhibit a preference for pronation or supination?
➡ Are they dominantly quad-dominant or hamstring-dominant?
➡ Do they tend towards a smaller or larger separation between hips and shoulders?

and much more to learn...  

By looking into these inquiries, coaches can gain deeper insights into athletes' individual mechanics and preferences. Armed with this understanding, they can customize their approach to training, mental strategies, and technical skills, maximizing the potential for improvement and success on the golf course.

Enter the expertise of Motor Preferences Experts, LLC, which offers unique assessments grounded in science from research conducted at the
Volodalen Lab. Instead of relying on guesswork, these assessments provide insights into our natural inclinations, ultimately defining our uniqueness.

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What are my golfer's natural preferences?
Motor Preferences Experts, Aurélien Van Stichelen May 14, 2024
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