Swing your Swing!!

May 14, 2024 by
Swing your Swing!!
Motor Preferences Experts, Aurélien Van Stichelen
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Oscar Wilde's timeless wisdom, "Be yourself because everyone else is taken!".

Authenticity is paramount, and the world's most successful players serve as living proof each weekend on the course. By embracing our individuality and trusting in our innate abilities, we unlock the true essence of our potential.

Consider professional golfers at the top of their backswing. It's clear that each player arrives there in their own unique way. There is no universal template for this moment; no two backswings are identical. It's a testament to the diversity of movement and the individualized nature of the sport. In essence, there's no such perfect or "ideal" movement to reach the top of the backswing. Period.


The reason lies in our distinct internal processes, orchestrated by our central nervous system, which influences how we execute our shots. These processes are invisible yet profoundly impactful, shaping our movement in entirely individualized ways.

Enforcing a rigid mechanical approach to golf, anchored golf, anchored in preset models and binary judgments of 'right or wrong' and 'good or bad', not only fails to honor your preferred patterns but also imposes limitations on your potential. Be free from these constraints and embrace your individuality for optimal performance. time to break f

Unlocking the full potential of every golfer starts with a deep understanding of their motor preferences™. By comprehensively understanding your individual movement style, we can guide you toward your optimal performance zone, enhancing your golf performance in a way that is uniquely tailored to you.

At the top of the backswing, the possibilities are vast, here are some of them: the trail leg might flex or extend, the center of balance higher or lower, the center of gravity forward or backward, feel pressure more towards your heels or your forefoot, the trail foot pronated or supinated, and feel more anchored or light. Additionally, your left arm might be above your shoulders, under it, or on the same plane, and your right elbow could be oriented more in or out. Amidst this multitude of variations, one undeniable truth prevails: you are the only constant in your swing.

At Motor Preferences Motor Preferences Experts, we stand out by honoring your unique motor preferences, a practice rooted in science and inspired by the pioneering work of Volodalen. We celebrate the richness of diversity in golf. Through meticulous observations and core interactive tests, we gain profound insights into the nuanced variations of preferred movement that define each individual.

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Swing your Swing!!
Motor Preferences Experts, Aurélien Van Stichelen May 14, 2024
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