Pivot Leg and Weight Shifting

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Pivot Leg and Weight Shifting
Motor Preferences Experts, Aurélien Van Stichelen
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The golf swing is a complex movement that relies on the interplay of three significant ground forces: horizontal, rotational, and vertical. These forces are vital in generating the power necessary for an effective golf swing.

Every golfer experiences a “unique” combination of these forces. To understand comprehensively, incorporate the natural motricity as terrestrial and aerial profiles into the equation. Some golfers naturally gravitate towards harnessing more horizontal force as their primary power source, while others may favor a rotational swing or strongly emphasize vertical force.

Continuing the discussion from the last post on the preferred pivot leg, we can now explore those forces more. Let’s delve into the distinctive swing dynamics of accomplished golfers Lydia Ko and Nelly Korda from the LPGA circuit. These two athletes have achieved remarkable success on tour, each employing unique and highly effective swing motions.

Take an active role in your lerole in your learning journey by engaging in visual analysis. Focus your attention on accomplished golfers like Lydia Ko and Nelly Korda, who each adopt a unique approach to their swing dynamics. Observe their pivot leg at the top of the backswing and how it influences the weight shift through impact. This observation will reveal a distinct blend of how they navigate their way through horizontal, rotational, and vertical forces.

At Motor Preferences™, we don't rely on guesswork. Our unique assessment, particularly the interactive move dial test, provides a cleaprovides a clear understanding of how you naturally shift your body mass based on your unique motor pattern. This understanding is not based on data and beliefs but on your natural tendencies. It's a game-changer in your golf journey.

There isn't a universal "proper" way to weight shift in golf. Instead, we must recognize the importance of training each individual according to their unique movement.

Unlocking greater power while respecting your athletes' innate strength lies in understanding how they uniquely exploit ground forces.

Embrace your motor preferences ™. Swing and train in your natural movement. You are your own truth.

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Pivot Leg and Weight Shifting
Motor Preferences Experts, Aurélien Van Stichelen May 14, 2024
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