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    VIBE is a wearable device that can be attached to the back or wrist. It measures key athletic performance parameters: power, responsiveness, maximum strength, the force-power curve, and gait analysis. Plug and Play, VIBE displays the results on your smartphone within seconds. Simple and smart!

    Technology An accelerometer coupled with a gyroscope captures the body's biomechanics. The reading algorithms incorporate the latest technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, all while relying on expertise developed over more than 20 years at the Volodalen laboratory. Accurate and reliable!

    Validity VIBE has all the makings of a great product! We have compared its results to the most proven laboratory technologies such as force platforms or 3D cameras. Here are the results (below). The primary quality of a sensor is to always measure the same way, so we added reproducibility tests (coming soon). Valid and reproducible!

    8 tests and 25 metrics

    • Stride
    • Squat Jump
    • Counter Movement Jump 
    • Rebound Jump 
    • Squat 
    • Squat Force/Speed Profile 
    • Bench Press 
    • Bench Press Force/Speed Profile

    Measuring vertical jump (CMJ - SJ) with VIBE compared to two historical measurement systems on the market: Myotest and Optojump.

    It is observed that VIBE provides nearly identical results to Myotest (2% difference, almost perfect correlation). Same technologies, same performances.

    However, the differences between VIBE and Optojump are significant (for a 32 cm jump with VIBE, Optojump reports 26 cm) while the correlation is excellent (R2 98%). How can this be explained? With VIBE (accelerometer), the measurement is taken not at the moment of 'touch' of the foot on the ground but when the force reaches body weight. Different technologies, different results but correlated. The gap remains consistent.

    VIBE, a portable system for measuring gait, jumps, and force-velocity.

    Objective analysis of running > the attached graph offers a comparison between the VIBE inertial sensor by Volodalen and a gold standard in science: the treadmill with integrated force platforms.

    Contact time / flight time ratio (duty factor) > the correlation between the two measurement tools is very strong. The value difference is close to 5%, which can be explained by the difference in technology used (force platform vs accelerometer). The Duty Factor indicates whether the stride is more gliding or more bouncing, hence if the athlete favors concentric or plyometric qualities to generate their running economy. Running cadence > what one tool measures (treadmill), the other measures almost identically (VIBE).

    The VIBE system includes the VIBE sensor, a belt and a wristband for placing the sensor respectively at the pelvis and wrist, as well as the dedicated mobile application for reading the results.

    We offer an extended 2-year warranty that covers any issues attributable to a manufacturing defect.  

    No. You pay once and that's it. You get free updates for the mobile application.

    The VIBE mobile app requires at least iOS 14 or Android 10 to function properly. Additionally, Bluetooth (4.0 or later) must be enabled.

    Yes. VIBE is a valid and reproducible tool. We have compared it to laboratory standards such as the force platform and market standards like Optojump and Myotest. You can find these data in our white paper available for download at the bottom of the page (coming soon).

    The sensor uses a CR 2025 battery. It goes into sleep mode when not connected to the phone. Therefore, the battery life depends on its use, but you can expect it to last several months (2 to 6 months with regular use).

    An internet connection is required to send data to a server and to run the algorithms that allow for instant test results. If you are using your phone's internet connection, it is recommended to have at least a 3G connection.

    No, only one sensor can be connected to a device at a time. However, you can switch sensors between measurements. Indeed, the mobile application allows you to select the sensor you wish to use.

    Upon purchase, we activate your account, and you will have access to the VIBE mobile app. The time it takes to prepare the package with the sensor and its accessories means that VIBE will typically arrive within 2 weeks following the order.

    A refund is possible within 14 days after receiving the product. You simply need to write to us at explaining your decision. We will email you the process to send us back Vibe. The refund will be made within 15 days following the receipt of the sensor.

      Which entity is responsible for the development of VIBE?

      VIBE was created by the Volodalen laboratory (, a center specialized in training, professional sports education, and research in movement analysis. Motor Preferences Experts is the exclusive North American partner and representative for Volodalen.